​Anele Supply Chain, whose main warehouse is located in Izmir Aegean Free Zone and head office is located in Istanbul, provides procurement and supply services for catering, construction and service companies providing services in remote, challenging and sensitive areas.
Anele buys products requested on behalf of customers in bulk, transports them to their warehouses, performs inventory management, collects goods from their warehouses according to customer needs and demands and distributes them to the desired delivery point. It manages and manages all warehousing, distribution and customs services in this process and provides it as a turnkey supply chain management to the customer.

Anele offers far more comprehensive services compared to trading companies. Having significant experience in the food industry, Anele works with its customers, foresees their needs, determines the stock requirements, ensures that products are stocked in certified warehouses suitable for food storage, and distributes them to the most demanding locations in a healthy and rapid manner according to customer orders. Anele works with its customers on a project-based and long-term basis.
product categories
›Frozen Meat and Meat Products
›Frozen Seafood
›Frozen Vegetables
›Concert and Food
›Fresh Vegetables and Fruits
›Dairy Products
›Fresh Meat Drink
›Pasta and Bread Products