Pioneer in Commercial Operational Vehicle Leasing
Niyazifilo Your vehicle and warehouse equipment is always well maintained with operational rental services.
Niyazifilo provides operational leasing services to companies with forklifts, trucks and vans as well as warehouse equipment and commercial vehicles. Netfilo rental can be changed in case of failure with the employee. In this way, companies can carry out their business without capitalizing on such equipment.

Niyazifilo, formed IT infrastructure for hire, live everywhere in Turkey, regularly audited service points, 24 hours anywhere accessible service infrastructure in Turkey, after-sales service and fleet of specialized staff in the management and service facility with staff spread across the region.
›24/7 Customer Service
›Effective capital use
Zaman Create time to be directed to the main activity
›Professional fleet management and coordination
Aylık Restricted monthly payment
›Tax Advantage
›Management of insurance and insurance management
Ikame Supply of replacement vehicles in case of accidents
›Second hand sales sales problem
Main Sectors
›Commercial vehicles
›Minibuses and light commercial vehicles
›Trucks and heavy goods vehicles
›Forklift and warehouse equipment
›Industrial generators