There is a need for a special vehicle park for liquid food transportation, a system to manage these vehicles and experienced employees who will monitor the system. Niyazi Logistics is one of the liquid food transport in Turkey's largest logistics service providers.


Niyazi logistics and its suppliers of 310 units tankers in Turkey, daily spread to village to about 759 farms, and collect 2500 tons of milk daily. Niyazi logistics conducts antibiotic tests of the milk which it collects at the address of collection and brings to the factories producing milk, cheese and yoghurt with special cooling tankers in the most healthy, fast and cost-effective way.


Niyazi Logistics is a real example of “Milk-Run” operation and this service is managed with forward-looking route, optimization and planning systems. Niyazi Logistics Liquid transportation unit serves liquid / bulk food products such as liquid chocolate and vegetable oil.


The whole organization of the transportation of non-food products such as LNG, granules, fuel and plastics is carried out by Netlog Energy Transportation Company.



Instead of being queried.

Cost advantage.

24/7 Customer Service Center.

Continuous vehicle availability.

Well maintained, hygienic and properly managed car park.

Driver training, supply and management.

Elimination of hidden costs.


Products Served:





Vegetable Oils.